Kontes Berhadiah Bb Z10 & Samsung Galaxy S4

Tabloid PULSA

Kontes Berhadiah Bb Z10 & Samsung Galaxy S4

Tabloid PULSA

Kontes Berhadiah Bb Z10 & Samsung Galaxy S4

Tabloid PULSA

Monday, 31 October 2011


Computer Virus is the code / program that multiplies itself over and over again. The virus will infect a file, the system, or may only modify certain parts to take over the system and then multiply to form a new generation.


# Worms
Worms replicate themselves over the network, usually the worms will start automatically without any help from the user but the kind of worms 'mass mailer' is not always automatically activated. Worms do not actually require a system / host. However, in some worms like W32/Nimda.A @ mm (@ mm = massmailer) works like a virus most, he will spread to infect the files and infecting systemnya. So the worm is a type of virus whose sole purpose is to attack the network.


# Octopus
Octopus is still grandson worms such as Rabbits and LogicBomb which are all of type @ m (self mailer = W 3 2 / SKA. A @ m) and @ mm (massmailer = VBS / Loveletter.A @ mm). Self-mailers and massmailer will send e-mails from infected computers and sends automatically copy itself along with the e-mail that users send.


# Rabbits
As the name suggests, this worm will continue to 'jump' on a network. This worm is quite dangerous copies itself so that he would spend the memory and CPU resources, thus causing a system down.korban.

Well this kind of more interesting ... ... .. swimsuit! (Swimsuit ... ..? Lho-ed) Actually LogicBomb safety program is a mechanism, for example, a programmer will add a certain code on the program. So after the program has reached the limit of such a program was just purchased for the two-time installation, the installation of the 3, it will remove the program itself .... It's cool. Real example is Game N * k * a serie S60 'mosquitos', this game had a built in function to send an SMS (Short Message Service) to a number of premium ... until pulse squat. This additional function is actually a protection from piracy, but as the author says ... "what you do is what back to you", a program that actually sends SMS to premium numbers game even though it's legal. Then tau dong legal game if the buyer is angry at the game vendor. And the story ends with the destruction of additional code .... Every body and live happily ever after.

Usually programmers hide some secret code ... .... EIT whoa! This code usually contains a 'credit' or the names of people who create programs that are often called 'EasterEgg' (Easter eggs-red). ****** Cool again Mi Office Suit has a lot of 'EasterEgg' hidden, though not dangerous but consume a lot of disk space ... now know where the loss of space hardsik khan you.

Trojan Horse are often made in a pack that entice users to activate it as in the original story. But there is also a trojan horse that is a program of 'hacker' who left and disguised as a program that we know, so that the hacker can log back into our system with ease. For LINUX-ers Trojan horses are often disguised as 'ps' like task manager Win ****, so the process id not found out, this trojan is often referred to as 'rootkits'. Probably a fairly well-known is the Trojan horse of AIDS TROJAN DISK.

# Backdoors (Trapdoors)
This program is commonly used to make connections with the victim's computer. The trick is to open ports TCP / UDP on victim's computer. Then the 'hacker' backdoors just waiting for a connection, then terhubunglah've had with the victim system.

# Germ
This species is the first generation of the virus. Remarkably, the virus itself can not perform like a germ infection, when the ordinary processes of infection. Usually the virus only infects a system once, but the virus 'Germs' will attack the system even though it has no virus 'Germs' in that system.

# Exploit
Exploit made by a certain weakness in the system, this program is used to control a system by raising the 'privillage' and get full access to the system. Sometimes this exploit is used also in the Pen-test (Penetration Test).

# Downloaders
Used to download a content from the Internet automatically and then extract it, it could be a virus, trojans and backdoors.


This may rarely occur, dialer used by people to gain advantage by making the victim call the premium numbers like a phone ... xxx (sensor-ed)


# Droppers (Installers)
Sebenanya is derived from the old school era viruses, boot viruses which is a binary file to be installed in the boot sector of the disk using this dropper. Then the virus will be 'live' and multiply itself without the help of dropper again.


Injector is another form of the dropper that installs the virus in memory. Injector will include an active virus into the disk interrupt handler, and when users access the disk then this virus will reproduce itself. Injectors are commonly used in networks such as 'NC' (netcat), NC is used to insert worms ie 'CodeRed', after the victim's computer then the datagram is determined from the worm that will be fed into the computer. Then the worm will replicate itself over a network without having to infect files in the local hard drive.


On the spread of worms W32/Witty injector is used as a seeder on multiple computers, then at 0 hours (Zerro Day) when the worm is active then the worm has infected a computer which then causes the worm spread quite rapidly

# AUTO-Rooters
This toy 'script-kiddies', its contents a lot of exploits that are used to attack the system, perhaps blindly without knowing the type of system weaknesses that.


# KITS (Virus Generators)
The authors created a program maker virus code virus (Virus Creation Laboratory (VCL) or PSMPC generators), which will create new viruses automatically.
With this pogram which is 'user friendly' people oon (erratum: the layman, because ak jg be lom-red) could make the virus easily, for example VBS / VBSWG.J is the result of the program VBSWG kits.

Program # SPAM
Spammers use to mengrim ads to IM, news group e-mail and SMS. The main goal of spammers is to make access a website to be slow, but sometimes used for the purpose of 'phissing' get personal information like credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, PINs, etc..

Well this is the media division head of the pack most tau ... (which is censored ga pack leader?-Ed). This program is usually used for DoS (denial of service) make a slow connection, even a server down. Let more cool DoS attacks are usually carried out from several computers (zombie machines) which is then called a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.


# Keylogger
This program can save all that we are typing dikomputer, used to gather personal information such as usernames, passwords, PINs, etc..

Hoaxes is 'gossip' AKA fake news, it contains about the spread of dangerous viruses that did not exist. Can also rent-seeking behavior, eg news to raise funds to help victims of disasters, when entered into a personal account. If you join mailing lists or newsgroups maybe you'll find some hoaxes, even though not dangerous but very annoying.


# Adware and Spyware
As a survey tool, but if without the knowledge of Khan's name violates our privacy. This program is used to record the habits we bersurfing ria on the internet, after getting the information he will open the ads in the form of POP-UP which sucks.

Well that was the introduction of viruses and family, but with the use of computers and the internet now classify the virus becomes somewhat blurred. A virus currently has various capabilities of the other brother. Among others, able to open ports TCP / UDP, spread through the network, and control the infected system. So understanding between viruses, worms, exploits and other become overlapping.

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